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Yoga compulsory in Sikkim govt schools

yoga in sikkim govt school
Yoga classes will be introduced in all government schools across Sikkim from the next academic session beginning on February 10, the director of the state human resource development department said.
Around 600 school teachers from the state were sent to Patanjali Yog Peeth in Haridwar in December for a two-month yoga training programme. The session ended today and the teachers would return to Gangtok on February 2.
"The new session will include yoga classes. It will be compulsory and the rule has to be followed strictly by the schools. We will soon send out notices," said the director of the state HRD department, Jitender Singh Raje. He claimed that Sikkim would be the first state to introduce compulsory yoga lessons in schools.
The state has 562 government schools.
"The trained teachers would take the classes. We are working on the routine. The sessions are likely to be held in the morning before the school starts. We are deciding on the timings and other modalities," said an HRD official.
The yoga teachers would continue taking regular classes.
Asked if private schools would also be asked to introduce yoga, an official said: "We cannot force them. But if they are willing to start, the department would provide assistance."
In many public speeches, chief minister Pawan Chamling has said that he himself practises yoga. "It is the decision of the chief minister. According to him, students should not only have knowledge from books but also be aware of their health," Singh said.
K.B. Chettri, principal of Singtam Senior Secondary school, East Sikkim, welcomed the "innovative" move and said he would ensure that the classes are held regularly at his school.
Secretary of the HRD department, G.P. Upadhaya, said the yoga classes would be held daily and would mainly be for the primary students. "We have paid Patanjali for food and stay of the teachers - around Rs 500 per person per day. It was the desire of the chief minister to send them to Patanjali, well-known for yoga practices under Baba Ramdev," he said.
J.B. Chettri of Phodong Junior High school in North Sikkim said he volunteered for the training as he was fond of yoga. "I would happily teach the students. My knowledge has increased after coming to Patanjali."
The move, however, did not receive support from everyone!
"I love playing football and I find yoga boring. I hope we don't have to do it daily," said a student of a secondary school in Gangtok.(TT)

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