Hill TMC activists led by Rajen Mukhia protests against Darjeeling Municipality

Hill TMC activists led by Rajen Mukhia protests against Darjeeling Municipality
A small group of Hill TMC activists led by Mr. Rajen Mukhia protested against the alleged inaction on the part of Darjeeling Municipality to curb growing menace of ultra high buildings in the town.

The group of protesters later held an hour-long meeting with the Municipality Chairman Mr. Amar Singh Rai and placed three demands

1. Stop and prevent the construction of buildings that are taller than 11.5 meters
2. Make public the name of the beneficiaries who were allowed shops in the newly constructed Popular Pharmacy market complex and beef market complex, and
3. Allow the construction of a hawkers market.

Responding the the issues raised, Chairman Rai stated, "we are following Bengal Municipal acts while issuing the permits for new constructions..
. however we are yet to decide on what needs to be done with buildings that have already been constructed."

Speaking on the Hawker's market issue, Mr. Rai said, "the proposed site for hawker's market has been opposed by the people of our town, and High Court has issued an injunction against building the market on Mall road, we have already shown the district administration alternative land where such a market could be constructed, but we are yet to hear from them..."

Clarifying on the issue of who were given shops in the new complex, Mr. Rai said, "we have given shops to those 27 families whose shops were earlier burnt down during the fire near bata/"

He welcomed the inquiry and stated that the suggestions made by Hill TMC will be taken in a positive light.(Via TDC)

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