Darjeeling orange growers disappointed after yield dropped down

Orange in sittong
The people of the plain areas who are fond of Darjeeling oranges will have to pay more for the juicy winter mandarin fruit after the fungus and pests destroyed the crops following the production went down to almost 60 per cent.

The orange growers from Darjeeling hills are also disappointment after the orange yield dropped down due to pests, fungus and appropriate atmosphere and climate.

Meanwhile the adverse effect has been seen in the markets of Siliguri where the price of the oranges have risen to almost double in comparison to last year.

Farmers from Mirik Busty, Ghayabari,Magar
jung, Sitong, Mongpong, and other parts of Darjeeling hills suffered a huge loss after the production went down due to diseases includes Citrus leaf miner, Gummosis, Citrus Tristeza, Powdery mildew, Citrus greening, Citrus scab and bad weather.

Sunil Gurung from Mirik informed that fungus has destroyed almost 70 percent of the crops of his plantation area of 3000 acres. He said that last year he sold oranges of Rs 2 lakhs but this time he could earn only Rs 20 thousand.

"Gurung's orange orchid situated near Rangvang River under Mirik'sThurboo division was seen yellow in the entire area but this time we hardly see oranges, maximum trees died due to fungus and pests," said TejmanPuri of Thurboo Tea Garden.

The officials of agricultural department under Gorkha Territorial Administration (GTA) also have agreed that the crops was destroyed this year due to fungus and pests following the production dropped down to almost 60%.

LalitRai a farmer from Magarjung informed that the production went down because the farmers are not trained properly and don't have the advanced idea of controlling the pests and fungus. He urged the government to provide free training and provide pest and fungus control methods well in time.(EOI)

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