Panighatta tea garden worker deaths not due to hunger said TMC leader Rajen Mukhia

Panighatta tea estate
INTTUC leader and Hill Trinamul Congress president Rajen Mukhia on Wednesday claimed that the five tea garden workers who died at the Panighatta tea estate in the last week, did not die of hunger, but after suffering from health issues.
"Although the condition of tea workers here is not very good, no one died of hunger as is being alleged by a section of GJMM leaders, but instead after suffering from diseases," Mukhia said, adding, "The government is taking several steps to ensure that the workers do not have to die of starvation. There are diseases in the tea gardens, for which some workers died. We are trying to request the government to provide medical facilities, and arrange for treatment of the ailing patients."
According to Mukhia, if the management does not reopen the tea garden on 28 November, after a meeting called by the Joint Labour Commission (JLC), their party will launch a fast unto death stir.
"We will request the management to consider the plight of the workers, and reopen the garden. The state government is trying to provide for the workers through various schemes till a concrete solution is drawn. If the garden is not reopened, we will start bigger movements and if needed will sit on a 'fast unto death' strike," the Hill TMC leader said.
Meanwhile, sources from the tea garden management said they are willing to utilise the tea garden to its utmost potential, for the benefit of their employees, but are however, facing varied resistance and obstructions in doing the same. The meeting between the JLC, the management and workers is scheduled to be held on 27 November.(sns)

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