Young Filmmaker Devir Singh in Kalimpong Durpin Monastery

Young Filmmaker Devir Singh in Kalimpong Durpin Monastery with lama in kalimpong
Young Filmmaker Devir Singh could not have asked for a better day. The head Lama of the beautiful Durpin monastery along with 80 Lamas offered prayers for Devir for his upcoming film “Gama in the land of Lama”. The monastery resonated with chanting and the 108 lamps lit it up in a divine glow. Devir has been researching for his film on Buddhism.

Devir Singh is a multi-faceted personality, a golfer, a photographer, a visualizer, a rider and a compulsive traveller.  Born in Delhi,he dreams of getting the best technology to India from Hollywood. Devir’s interest in films  began withYash Raj Films, Mumbai during his internship. His first amateur Film “e Adam” won him many accolades.

The Durpin monastery holds a special place for Devir as he has deep faith in the power of the place. After the prayers, dressed in their pretty traditional outfits, the lamas came out on a hill top adjacent to the monastery for a briefing in the backdrop of the mighty Kanchenjunga range.The whole atmosphere was mystical and serene.

Devir is working on his first directorial debut, a short film which he wants to send to International Film Festivals next year. The title of the film is “GAMA IN THE LAND OF LAMA”. He is presently directing a Cancer awareness film for an International Conference of SAARC Nations.

Under his banner of DSB Productions, he is producing a Television Series titled "Journey to Fame" - a series of documentaries tracing the journey of individuals that have made a mark.  It is the journey of people who stood the test of time and eventually turned their lives around to build an empire of highest quality and stature. These are the Indians who dared to dream big against all odds.

Devir is determined to make a mark on Indian films and no guessing what he asked for in his prayers at the iconic Durpin monastery.

Source via Mukesh Sharma

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