Darjeeling Hill tea workers to get 20 pc bonus

Tea garden in Darjeeling hills
Tea garden managements in Darjeeling have decided to pay this year’s bonus at the rate of 20 per cent, but due arrears would be paid to workers only in January next. Two meetings held earlier failed to yield positive results as the managements and trade unions differed on the bonus percentage.
The management had expressed inability to pay 20 per cent as bonus and the trade unions had refused to accept this. However, late on Thursday night, the managements finally gave in and agreed to the trade unions’ demand. Workers of tea gardens in the hills have been getting 20 per cent bonus since the past three years. The managements will distribute the bonus by October 15. On the other hand, the managements said they would not be able to pay the upwardly revised wages this year. The workers’ wage was increased to Rs 42.50 in April 2014 and was to be paid in three installments. Two installments have already been paid, while the final installment will be distributed in January 2016. (EOIC)

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