GJMM awaits Bimal Gurung return from Nepal for course of action

Bimal Gurung
At a time when two "significant political figures" resigned from the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha (GJMM), GJMM members are looking forward to the arrival of their supremo and chief executive of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA), Bimal Gurung from Nepal. However, GJMM sources say that the resignation of the duo (Harka Bahadur Chettri and Trilok Dewan), will not have any "major impact" on the party.

"A meeting in this regard will be conducted after the arrival of our chief from Nepal. After which the course of action will be decided by the party. As of now we are organizing a public meeting at Kalimpong on 30 September," said sources from the GJMM.

"Departure of significant figures from the party will definitely affect the party. But to what extent the party will affected, can only be said after further observation in coming days. However, we believe that their resignation will not have any major impact on the party. While some people leave, more people join," the sources added.

When asked if the public meeting has anything to do with the departure of the duo, a reliable source from the GJMM said, "The public meeting is an organizational meeting. It is the type of meeting that has been done earlier for the cause of Gorkhaland."

The public meeting in Kalimpong will be followed by another public meeting in Darjeeling in the month of October. GJMM sources said that Gurung will "definitely" be present in the public meetings.

Gurung is likely to return to Darjeeling on 24 September. He is presently in Nepal to perform some pujas. Meanwhile, GTA sources claimed that the departure of Trilok Dewan and Chettri will have "absolutely no affect on the party," adding, "While Dewan was more of a nonpolitical person, Chettri is like the cow which looks for greener pastures once it's done grazing on its own field. What Chettri did was a clear case of opportunism, he is simply being played politically by the Bengal chief minister. He will realize his mistake once he is dumped by Mamata Banerjee."

When asked about what the party has decided to undertake as part of its course of action and strategy to deal with the sudden resignation of Dewan and Chettri, a GTA member in preference of anonymity said, "What is there to deal with? As far as the matter regarding the course of action is concerned, the party will remain as it is and fight to achieve Gorkhaland in a democratic manner."

Meanwhile, political observers are of the opinion that the resignation of the duo has caused a significant effect on the party. "The duo was part of the party intelligentsia. There absence will undoubtedly have a great impact on the political decisions that will be undertaken by the GJMM in the long run. The duo had an idea about proper political steps to be taken with oppositions like the state government. Their resignation might as well provoke other members of the GJMM to do the same in coming days, which again, will have a severe impact on the party," a political observer said. "Chances are there that some GJMM members might leave the party to support Chettri in hope of Kalimpong becoming a separate district. After all he is an influential person," the observer added.(sns)

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