Dhruvatara - Darjeeling‬ made movie to release on september 18th

Dhruvatara - Darjeeling‬ Made Movie - In a far-flung village in the hills surrounding the Mirik Valley, where people are farmers and are dependent upon the mercies of nature and God, where young people work as farm hands or porters, a quite love story enfolds between two unlike souls. A quiet and a reserved man Dhruva and an equally beautiful and mysterious Tara. In this landscape of hills and rivers, men and their horses, joyous beats of Madal and Murali and far from the madding crowd, two people come to love each other as naturally as the forest spring, flowing eternally. But nature sets its own course and Time plays a helping hand.

Will Dhruva and Tara be able to win over the adversities of love and be together forever? Is it possible to cross the limits set by time and nature upon love? Will love really conquer all?

Come and see for yourself…

Director: Nikky Ngawang Golay
Producer: Rosedip K Sarki
Writer: Nikky Ngawang Golay
Choreographer: Bipen Basnet and Pravesh Golay Tamang
Production Manager: Prabhat Thapa
Cinematography: Chanchal Thapa

Company Credits:

Production Studio: Mughlan Films in association with Arvind Raj Productions.
News source: TDC)

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Dhruvatara - Darjeeling‬ Made Movie to Releasing on September 18th

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