Darjeeling SDO Soura Mondal removed from his post

Darjeeling District Magistrate DM office
The Darjeeling subdivisional officer has been removed from his post, which sources in the district administration linked to Mamata Banerjee's annoyance at the increasing number of high-rises in the hill town.
The district magistrate, however, has said the move was routine.
SDO Soura Mondal has not been given a new posting after he vacated the earlier one on Friday.
Sources told The Telegraph that Mamata Banerjee, during her visit to Darjeeling last month, had hauled up the administration. "The chief minister was livid with constructions coming up in Darjeeling and hauled up the district administration. The subdivisional officer of Darjeeling, Soura Mondal, had to face the brunt of the chief minister's fury," said a source. "The transfer was definitely not routine. The SDO was replaced but he has not been given any new posting. He has not been released from the administration. Such a thing rarely happens."
Asked if it would amount to compulsory waiting, the source said: "This cannot be termed compulsory waiting as he has not been released by the district administration. This means, he will continue to draw his salary from Darjeeling district administration."
District magistrate Anurag Srivastava, however, said: "The transfer was routine."
On Friday, Avik Chatterjee took over as the SDO.
"Mondal was made a scapegoat. How could he act on an issue that is under the jurisdiction of Darjeeling municipality?" questioned a source referring to high-rises. "If buildings were to be dismantled, then Mamata as the chief minister could have asked for an explanation from the municipality," he said. "On sensitive issues like dismantling buildings, how can an SDO act until he gets specific instructions from the highest office of state."
On September 10, Mondal had called a hearing on five under-construction buildings evoking Section 133 of CrPc. The notices were issued after the CM's visit.(TT)

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