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SS Ahluwalia revoice Gorkhaland in Independence day Kalimpong

BJP Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia in Independence day kalimpong
On the occasion of Indian Independence day celebration in kalimpong, BJP Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia  raised his voice for a separate Gorkhaland and wondered when will Gorkhas living in Darjeeling can say that they are residents of Gorkhaland.

"The Biharis say they are from Bihar, the Punjabis say they belong to Punjab, those who are Tamils say they belong to Tamil Nadu. When will the Gorkhas say that they belong to Gorkhaland? Their dreams should also come true," Mr Ahluwalia said at a programme in Kalimpong during the day.

The BJP state leadership, however, quickly distanced itself from Ahluwalia's comment and said it does not want division of Bengal.

"The BJP doesn't want division of West Bengal but want economical development of Darjeeling. Maybe he had made an emotional speech," BJP MLA Shamik Bhattacharya said.

We are thankful to our MP for keeping the spirit of our statehood alive and for being vocal on the issue...

Gorkhaland is a reality waiting to happen, and the earlier Bengal and Central realize this fact the better it will be for everyone.

Source: (TheDC)

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