3 Bolero Pick Up stolen from Kalimpong

Bolero Pick Up
Kalimpong town and adjoining area witness the theft of three bolero Pick Up vehicle last night. A first case was registered at 11th where a Bolero Pick Up bearing registration NO. WB 76 7486 has been stolen from the garage last night . When the driver of the vehicle reached the garage early morning he found the vehicle missing after which he informed the Owner . Despite searching here and there the vehicle could not be traced after which Sadhia Khatoon the owner lodge a complaint at the Kalimpong Thana today. Meanwhile WB 73 C -3590 which was parked at roadside near engine dara 9th mile too was missing this morning after which the owner Kumar Chhetri filed a complaint at Kalimpong PS. The third complained was registered by Anil Kumar pradhan whose vehicle too was missing from the roadside of 6th Mile area where the driver parked his vehicle WB 73 D -5029 last night . Kalimpong never witness the theft of three vehicle in the same night. The Police has lodged a complaint and started its investigation. A big vehicle lifter gang is expected to give the touch to the vehicle lost. Driver and owner of vehicle should care and  know how valuable is their stuff which they park in the road which becomes a easy prey for vehicle lifter .

Report by Mukesh Sharma

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