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Women police station in Darjeeling opened

Woman police station in Darjeeling west bengal
Darjeeling now has one-of-its-kind all-women police station. It is the first in the district (excluding Siliguri, which is under Siliguri Police Commissionerate).

Labelled as a more humane and focused approach in combating crime against women, this police station can address cases referred to it from any part of the Darjeeling Police district.

Atleast 50% of crimes committed in the Hills are crimes against women and as the district is vulnerable to human trafficking, an all-woman police station is aimed at more effective policing.

In 2014, there were 75 cases registered under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 (POCSO); till June 2015 the number of POSCO cases registered stands at 36. Crime against women registered in 2014 was 479 and till June 2015 the number of cases registered involving crime against women stands at 246.

“The all-woman police station is the result of the initiative by the West Bengal chief minister. This police station will handle cases pertaining to crime against women and children including rape, molestation, human trafficking, eve teasing and domestic violence. Cases of the above nature, registered in other police stations of the Darjeeling police district can be referred to this police station,” said Amit P Jagalvi, Darjeeling Superintendent of Police.

Along with investigating, conducting raids, personnel of this police station will perform the very important task of counselling. The other police stations will provide backup when required.

Darjeeling district was one of the few districts boasting an allwoman police station in Siliguri way back in 2011. However with the bifurcation of the Darjeeling police district and the formation of the Siliguri Police Commissionerate in 2012, the all women police station came under the commissionerate.

Amitava Banerjee, Hindustan Times, Darjeeling

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