Run with Roshni marathon runner gets unexpected Samaritan in Mumbai

Run with Roshni marathon logo
Roshni Rai, the famed marathon runner hailing from Kalimpong and who has been running for the identity of Gorkhas residing across India, has unexpectedly found a good Samaritan in Mumbai.
It is learnt from sources that the story of the runner and her flagship campaign ‘Run with Roshni’ was covered by a local daily of Mumbai which spoke of the struggle that she and her team faces to maintain the campaign as she is not backed by any public or government organisation. She and her team raises funds to support the ‘Run with Roshni’ campaign, explained the paper.
Later, she received a call from someone introducing himself as LB Mehra, who asked her to meet him at the city’s popular ‘Palladium Mmall’. When she did meet the caller, Roshni was over the moon to find that Mehra, a diamond merchant, had purchased 13 pairs of Nike shoes, along with three pairs of socks each for the team ‘Run with Roshni’, the total bill which amounted to Rs70,000. It may be recalled that Roshni had earlier approached for financial assistance with local organisations of Darjeeling through several online requests, but nothing much was done for the team. Even the GTA who honoured the runner with the ‘Gorkha Gaurav’ award had failed to do what the diamond merchant has done so generously. (HS)

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