Darjeeling municipality stops Illegal Reliance Mobile Tower Installation

Darjeeling municipality stopped illegal installation of reliance mobile tower
Darjeeling municipality authorities stopped the installation of a reliance mobile tower, which was being installed without any permission from the Municipality.

According to sources, following the recent Landslides in Darjeeling region, the Darjeeling Municipality is taking the legality of all constructions very seriously. According to a municipal authority, they raided a house in Ward - 19, Judge Bazar and confiscated materials. The municipality has earlier rejected the installation of 5 more mobile towers in the area.

Speaking to the press Municipal Councillor Mr. Shailendra Chhetri said that we have put a BAN on the installation of mobile towers, and we will prevent anyone who tries to install one without prior permission.

He said, "Mobile towers emit harmful radiations, and can pose as threat to human health... and unless we have done proper investigation we cannot permit installation of such towers in residential areas"

He added, "Not just the municipality, but even the common public has a moral responsibility to stop the installation of such towers if proper procedures have not been followed."

He said that, "any company that wants to instal such towers will from now have to get prior permission from the Municipality, as well as the local residents where the proposed tower is supposed to be set up."

[File pic shows a mobile tower installed on the roof house, damaged after a hurricane]

Via The Darjeeling Chronicle

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