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Chibo remote village in Kalimpong gets electrification after 68 years of Independence

Chibo village in Kalimpong electrification
A remote village with dense forest cover in Chibo of Kalimpong town after 68 years of Independence will finally experience the comfort of electricity.Floated under rural electrification initiative sponsored by the Centre and implemented by GTA, around 50 houses in the village will finally get to see the light.
Elated, the villagers distributed sweets, celebrating with drumbeats and erected welcome arches all over the village when GTA Sabhasad Tshering Bhutia on Friday arrived in the area to inaugurate the power connexion.
"We are delighted to have been able to bring electricity to this village, where people were living in darkness for so many decades. The prolonged and relentless struggle by villagers and local activists has finally brought them the power supply," said Bhutia.
As there was a shortage of labourers, villagers themselves pitched in and helped officials to dig trenches to raise electric poles. (HS)

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