Son kills father in Pasabung, Lava Kalimpong

son kills father in kalimpong lava
A young son of 23 years identified as Nima Sherpa killed his own father Ongdi Sherpa (65) with an iron pipe and firewood in Pasabung, Lava, which falls under Lava Gidabling G.P, 36 kilometers from Kalimpong town, block-2.

While the father and son were having conversation in the kitchen in the evening, the tone of their voice turned louder and a quarrel took place, out of rage Nima Sherpa shoved his father’s head with firewood (chiruwa daura) and an iron pipe (sotay) which was lying in the kitchen, informed the source.

However, the police were informed around 11:30 pm where the police troupe along with the I.C, T.S Nath left towards Pasabung. Nima was arrested at night and brought to the police station. 

It was known that the family had regular quarrels, speaking to the Journalists here, T.S Nath said, ‘I was told that Ongdi used to torture his wife and create an unpleasant atmosphere at home every day, we still don’t know the reason of this murder but we have caught the accused, he will be taken to the court in the afternoon.’

According to the information received from the source, Nima Sherpa has two elder brothers who stay away from them where Nima used to stay with his parents. When the fight broke Tenzi Sherpa (Nima’s elder married brother, who stays below their main house) came to see what was happening, by the time he reached his home, he saw his father lying dead. Tenzi later filed an FIR in the police station.

June-July had been the months of massacre in block-2 area last year, Dominique Bhutia and his wife Christina Bhutia were brutally assassinated in Gidabling on 19th June and Anjana Gurung, Krishna Gurung and Manmaya Gurung in Charkhol on 10th July, similarly a young lad killed his own father in the same month. The civilians here are now trying to understand the relation between these two months and assassinations.

Later with regrets in Nima’s face, he was taken to the court who slapped him with section 302 (Punishment for murder) of Indian Penal Code.

Report by Mukesh Sharma

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