Sikkimese rapper Thups from ‘Urban Inc' to send anti-racism message

Sikkimese rapper Thups from ‘Urban Inc' to send anti-racism message
A powerful video clip performed by Sikkimese hip-hop artist Thupen Wangchuk Bhutia, more popularly known as Thups from ‘Urban Inc’, has been launched on Youtube to send a strong message of anti-racism in the country.
The three-minute song ‘Take that’ from his second album ‘Dream High’ talks of the violence faced by the  people of the region, their insecurities, and how the mainstream alienates them for their distinct culture  and facial features. The song is a call to the racists of India to leave behind its biases and realise that the Gorkhali and the Northeast people are indeed as much Indian as the mainland itself.
“This is something that is applicable to everybody, racism happens everywhere. I know a lot of people, including educators have struggles in finding ways to talk about racism. With tools like this it will ignite  the conversation quite easily,” said the rapper.
Deviating from the ethic culture of Sikkim, Thupen Bhutia aka Thups, has emerged as one of best known rappers in the state, and also in Bengaluru. Known for his sensitive portrayal of the sociopolitical climate of Sikkim, Darjeeling, and the Northeast, Thups has earned a niche following for his strong opinions on social issues of his home state, along with struggles against discrimination, through his songs and lyrics.
The song has already become viral on Facebook with people from Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Northeast supporting the initiative. (HS)

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