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Indian Gorkha army recruitment should be streamlined - AGS

Indian Gorkha army
In a memorandum to Development of North East Region minister Jitendra Singh, the Asom Gorkha Sammelan has said that the process of recruitment of Gorkha soldiers in the Indian army and the Assam Rifles should be streamlined, according to a PIB relese issued in Gangtok on Tuesday.

The history of the Assam Rifles and the Gorkha Regiment of the army was the history of bravey of Gorkha soldiers, the memorandum said, but in recent times the recruitment of Gorkha youths in the defence forces had gone down.

This was partly because of the difficulties of obtaining the Gorkha domicile certificate that they required. Besides, in accordance with gazette notification, the word ‘Nepali’ was used synonymously with the word ‘Gorkha’ because of which confusion was created among the recruiting agencies. They demanded that Gorkha Community Certificate issued by the Assam Gorkha Sammelan should be honoured for the purpose of employment or recruitment in defence forces.

The Gorkha leaders from Assam also demanded that Gorkhas be given recognition as a scheduled tribe and an autonomous council be created in Gorkha-inhabited areas of Assam. They also demnded that a Gorkha cultural and heritage centre be set up and the process of inclusion of Gorkha community members in the National Register of Citizens be simplified.

The DoNER minister, according to the release, quoted to them Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw’s famous observation: “If a man says he is not afraid of dying, then he is either lying or a Gorkha.” (EOIC)

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