Gorkha students protest against stapled visa by China to Arunachal Pradesh residents

Gorkha students protest against stapled visa by China to Arunachal Pradesh residents
To show solidarity with the Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) in their protest against the Chinese policy to issue stapled visas to residents of Arunachal Pradesh, members of Gorkha Youths and Students Association of India (GYASA) marched from Arunachal Bhawan to Chinese Embassy, in New Delhi  on Sunday.

The protest rally organised by Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) was supported by various organizations from North East Region and rest of India, where GYASA was one amongst them.

Rajen Chettri of GYASA was part of the seven- member delegation that was formed to meet the Chinese embassy officials to inform them of the displeasure felt by Arunachalis and rest of the Indians of the northeast. However, the police denied their entry, following which tension sparked between the protestors and the security forces.Delhi police used water cannons to disperse the protestors. When the protestors declined tostep back, 81 of them were detained and kept in Parliament Street police station for a few hours.

Later, the situation was contained and the delegates submitted a memorandum of their demands to the Chinese ambassador."It is astonishing how the Indian government permitted Chinese engineers to work in the field situated in Arunachal Pradesh, while China continues to deny giving regular visa to people of Arunachal Pradesh," said Rajen Chettri, GYASA member. The Chinese issuing stapled visas to the people of Arunachal Pradesh spells undermining of dignity, integrity and sovereignty of India, he added. (HS)

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