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Sikkim observes 129th May Day Celebration 2015

May Day 2015 celebration in sikkim
Gangtok (IPR) : Great German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in their book Communist Manifesto had desired that the children of the working class people should be able to avail free education and if that idea of those two great philosophers were brought into exercise then eradication of poor from the society could have been successful to a very large extent.
The Chief Minister Mr. Pawan Chamling taking the leaf out of that thought of those two great philosophers announced that the children of the working class people in the state of Sikkim whether they are working in the Government, Private or Public sector should be able to avail compulsory education in all the government schools of the state, while speaking on the occasion of 129th May Day Celebration at Manan Bhawan herein the capital today.
Sikkim observed the May Day with the Chief Minister Mr. Chamling making series of announcements in favour of working class people working in different sectors in the state of Sikkim, the announcements included 25% hike in salary for those workers who are working in the altitude between 6000 to 8000 feet, ex gratia amount for the worker who lose their life during the hour of duty raised from Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 4 lakhs, maternity leave for female workers of working class extended by one month from 2 months to 3 months, and a day long holiday during festivals like Dashain, Loosong, etc for the working class people among others
In his address he also appealed to the working class people to work with integrity and sincerity by taking all their rights and shouldering all their responsibilities at the same time. In order to escape the hammer of discrimination and exploitation they should always remain united and work with positive mindset like the people from the developed countries, he stressed.
People should know how to move along with time and see the need of the hour; therefore skill development is very important for the working class people in order to move ahead with time. Mr. Chamling also asked all the companies present in the state to inform the government in advance, the requirement of skilled human resource so that government can train and develop skill of the locals and place them in those companies.
He also appealed to the owners of the factories and companies of the state to provide the workers with conducive working environment; workers should be given a dress code, justice to all the workers, priority to locals in job opportunity as well as at par treatment with other employees of the factory.
New dimensions and innovations should be introduced by the working class people in order to maximize their ability and also to fight against injustice, instead of using brunt, brains should be used in order to get their demands and their voice heard.
People should not be post centric but should always concentrate of being work centric and always keep in mind the dignity of labour by giving respect and equal treatment to the working class people, the Chief Minister stressed.
The Chief Minister on the occasion also highlighted the various plans, policies and programmes sketched out for the working class people of Sikkim and how the working class has been properly looked after by the government by giving them as much as possible.
Earlier the function began with the Garlanding of “Shahid Bedi” by the Chief Minister and releasing of publications of Labour department, Operations, Workforce Development and Labour Engagement.
“Sikkim Shram Samman” was also given to various workers of government departments, as well as from the private companies, where they received citatation and cash prize. Temi Tea Garden and NHPC Hingdam, South Sikkim were also felicitated on the occasion for their good performance with letter of appreciation and cash prize and the Passing out students of ITI received took kits, the Chief Minister Mr. Chamling did the honors.
On the occasion of May Day Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department also distributed emergency light system. DDMA (East) SDM Dzongu, Temi Police Station and Gayzing Fire Station received the tokens from the Chief Minister.
The function also saw Minister Department of Labour, Mr. D.D Bhutia address the gathering where he highlighted on the history of Labour Department and the amount of work done by the government for the upliftment of the working class people in the state. He also announced that Kewzing in South Sikkim will soon have one ITI. Presently there are 3 in the state.
Principal Secretary, Department of Labour Dr. K Jayakumar also addressed that gathering.
A solemn oath and declaration was also taken on the occasion.(VoS)

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