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No one can bring Gorkhaland alone, GJM indulging in drama accuses CPRM to hold rally on 31 May

No one can bring Gorkhaland alone, GJM indulging in drama accuses CPRM to hold rally on 31 May
Blaming the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha of indulging in mere drama, and not being serious towards the Gorkhaland issue, the Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxist have decided to hold a rally in Darjeeling.

The rally is slated for May 31st, 2015 at 11:30 A.M and will be held at Chowk Bazar, Darjeeling.

Speaking to the press, CPRM Spokesperson Govind Chettri said, "we have repeatedly said that Gorkhaland is not possible for a single entity... all of us need to work together to achieve it... GJM is only indulging in a drama and misleading the public."

He accused that the "GTA has become a roadblock for Gorkhaland statehood.... as most leaders in Delhi think that the issue has been solved with the formation of GTA.... only if they dissolve GTA... will the government take the Gorkhaland statehood demand seriously."

He stated that GJM is scared that someone else will snatch the Gorkhaland issue, and said, "the GJM will do well to resign from GTA instead of organizing mela and deceiving people by feeding them masu-bhat."

Highlighting the fact that nothing has been done towards the Gorkhaland issue, Mr. Chettri said, "They said Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh promised to form a committee to study the Gorkhaland demand... what happened to that? They said a Fact Verification Committee will be formed to determine the inclusion of Mauzas from Dooars... what happened to that? Why are they not speaking on the issue? Why are they not questioning the Home Minister? All they are doing is drama and keeping their position safe."

He requested people to join the rally on the 31st of May, where more such issues and the failure of GJM and GTA will be highlighted.


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