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Nepal Govt to reconstruct heritage sites damaged by earthquake

Earthquake damaged historic Dharahara Tower in Kathmandu, Nepal
The Nepal government on Sunday unveiled its action plan to protect and reconstruct heritage sites damaged by the massive earthquake that devastated the country and robbed it of major historical jewels.
The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has come up with the action plan that will be carried out in a phased manner with short-term, middle-term and long-term plans.
At a meeting held at the Singha Durbar to discuss the earthquake-caused damages to heritages of archaeological importance and future plans for their refurbishments, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Deepak Chandra Amatya said that the ministry had prepared a three-phase action plan for the protection of damaged heritages.
The meeting was arranged by the International Relations and Labour Committee of the Legislature-Parliament.
Committee Chairperson Prabhu Shah underlined the need of collecting complete details of damages to cultural heritages caused by the quake and intensifying a search operation for the missing objects.
Experts' feedbacks are necessary in carrying out reconstruction works, he added.
The UNESCO and interested people, business community at home and abroad will be approached for help for the implementation of action plans, reported.
Of a total 581 heritages in the country, 137 were completely damaged and 444 suffered partial and minor damages in the April 25 earthquake and the 240 aftershocks that followed, as stated by the Department of Archaeology. PTI

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