Importance and preservation of medicinal plants in the hills workshop prog held

Importance and preservation of medicinal plants in the hills
Darjeeling society of education research and development organized a workshop about the importance and preservation of medicinal plants in the hills in town hall today. Eminent personalities related to botanical science like Prashanta Kumar Sarkar-chairman of West Bengal state medicinal plant board, Dhaniraj Chettri-professor of Botany, Sikkim, Dr. H.B Chettri (MLA acquainted with Botany and ecology) were present.

Throwing light on the benefits which people can get from the government, Prashanta Kumar Sarkar talked about the financial assistance along with other incentives which is helpful for people; he also educated the mass about cultivation, utilization, conservation and marketing of the medicinal plants.

Speaking on the importance of medicinal plants, Professor Dhaniraj Chettri edified the people about the practice of Bio-Piracy which people are involved in, with the help of the plants found in the hills, he also gave weight on making a resource centre here, ‘Kalimpong has the potential of producing medicinal plants in a large scale and such places should be concentrated for making a central institution for medicines’ said Chettri.

The local known ‘jari-butti’ has a different significance in the hilly terrains where in the other hand, different tribes has its own different methods of using it, says the Professor proclaiming that we are rich in traditional medicines.

Interestingly, it was known where India stands in the global market of medicines, despite of growing ample of medicinal plants India contributes only 1% of the global market where America who grows lesser amount of medicinal plant’ controls 11% of the market, similarly China controls 24%.

Meanwhile the MLA H.B Chettri, referring to some old stories of curing stomach aches to sinus, highlighted the importance of centella-asiatica locally known as ‘botukay jhar.’ He later added ‘if a DPR for central university for medicinal plants is prepared, I will see what I can do’

Report by Mukesh Sharma

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