2011 Quake damaged Chitra Bhanu in kalimpong awaits renovation

Chitra Bhanu in kalimpong damaged by earthquake
The cottage somehow sustained the last tremors that shook Nepal but the ignored chalet is fragile which can wreck anytime, said the source. It was known that Chitrabhanu in Kalimpong used to edify people in cutting and tailoring, bag making, home crafts, etc, before but now with the changing scenario people seek to learn food processing and beautifying.

Now the organization runs under the direction of Kurseong polytechnic where the vocational training ends once in every three months. Apparently the session is yet to start and 20-30 local learners assemble in every batch, ‘at present we are giving importance to prepare a beautician as per their requisite’ said Subhadra Giri, the in-charge of Chitrabhanu.

The connection with Rabindranath Tagore makes Chitrabhanu flood with Bengali tourist; the ones who visit Pine View nursery never fail to sneak a peek to the cottage, speaking to the journalist one R.C Naiyar from Faraka said that Tagore’s things have been beautifully preserved in the museum, ‘this place is of a greater significance, it would be better if the government worked to get things repaired’ added Naiyar.

The in-charge later informed that they have been writing to the concerned authorities regarding the maintenance of the infrastructure where they have been assured each time but the work is yet to get started.

The building has developed major cracks at the back portion and has restrained the entrance of the tourists there; the stair leading to the first floor is also closed because of the same reason. However, the concerned department was not available to clarify the matter, where in the other hand the expectation of the people related to Chitrabhanu to get the building maintained is high.
he maintenance of Chitrabhanu built in 1965 by Tagore’s son and daughter-in-law in Atisha road to train women in arts and crafts is still ignored, despite the eye-catching damage of 2011 earthquake that rocked certain parts of North-East India.

Report by Mukesh Sharma

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