Student brutally beaten up in Kalimpong, case settled

Student brutally beaten up in Kalimpong
After a teacher brutally thumped two students one Bigen Thapa of class 6 was admitted to the hospital yesterday, settling the problem in a cordial atmosphere the parents of Thapa have now been assured the young boy’s safety in school.

The source yesterday disclosed that one of the boarder accused Bigen Thapa (of class 6) and Nikil Tamang (of class 5) for stealing his 1500 rupees from beneath his pillow in the hostel and interrogating the duo the teacher who is an assistant prefect of the hostel, in order to scare them used a stick and started beating them.

Where in the other hand Madhusudhan Kundu realizing his mistake sincerely apologizes Thapa and his parents, talking to the reporter here he said, ‘I was trying to scare them for they were repeatedly blaming one another for the theft, I got carried away and ended up beating Bigen more, I am sorry and I will not repeat this in the future’

Meanwhile in a telephonic conversation with Father Michael Singh of St. George hostel, said that Kundu might have lost his sanity while interrogating the students, ‘we are yet to call a meeting with the school authority along with the guardian of Thapa which we will do it on Monday and discuss the action to be taken’ Said Singh.

However, the parents of Thapa adversely demands that the teacher should strictly be terminated from the school and with frequent persuasion from the schools side Basanti Thapa, Bigen’s mother temporarily settled the case, it was also known that the troops from St. George shifted the boy from the sub-divisional hospital to Adarsh Nursing home for his further treatment.

Later, the hostel authority and the parents amicably settled the matter and submitted a written application of settlement in the police station.

Report by Mukesh Sharma

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