Statues of goddess Kali shedding tears in Siliguri

Statues of goddess Kali
Rumours began spreading with astounding speed across Siliguri on Wednesday that the statues of goddess Kali were shedding tears. In enormous throngs, people rushed to temples in Bagajatin Colony, Hyderpara, Gate Bazaar, Paresh Nagar, Ambika Nagar, and South Colony area to witness the rare wonder. Some connected the supernatural happening with the earthquake in Nepal saying: "The Goddess is grieved over the plight of the people of Nepal, hence she is shedding tears.”
However, the Paschim Bangal Bigyan Manch (PBBM), Siliguri unit, dismissed the idea that anything supernatural was happening when their team members toured a number of temples in the town and found that the pious were failing to understand that the water trickling down the statues were due to the moisture absorbed from the existing cold climate and tremors.
The months of March and April are supposed to be hot and dry, but in Siliguri, it has started to rain accompanied by thunderstorms, hailstones, and gusty winds sometimes. And now earthquake tremors and aftershocks have been striking the region, hence the water droplets were seen in the idols of Kali today.
Raja Rawat, Assistant Secretary of Jalpaiguri Science And Nature Club, said “Such rumours are not to be believed, as the idols are polished with a specific oil to maintain its gloss. When light falls on these polished figurines, a sparkling effect similar to water is created. The same may have been in today’s case.” (HS)  

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