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Written exam for lepcha language teacher recruitment held

Written exam for lepcha language teacher recruitment held in Kumudini homes kalimpong
Despite of demanding the cancellation of the recruitment of para teachers at primary schools to teach lepcha language by the GTA chief Bimal Gurung, the written examination scheduled in Kumudini Homes here went peaceful with high security around the premises today.

Speaking to the journalists L. Tamsang, the chairperson of MLLDP said that the demand of Lepcha language to be taught in all primary schools was an aged demand which was permitted later in 2013 by the State Government under the District Education Board.

‘Under article 350 (a) of the constitution, anyone has the right to provide facilities for instruction in the mother tongue at primary stage of education to children belonging to linguistic minority groups, I think this is our right and the constitution is with us’ said Tamsang adding that other nations are a single lingo place where India is the only country with diverse languages and cultures.

He further said that other tribal clans also have their own language which is precious to them and have to be protected.

Talking about Gurung’s hostility and his statement about the transferred Education Department which falls under GTA, he said, ‘although it is the government’s topic of discussion, the head of the Education Department and the Education Department of the GTA should sit and talk in a cordial atmosphere, talking and resolving helps a lot but this is my personal opinion.’

Referring to the GTA Chief’s protest to call a strike on April 2nd Tamsang later added, ‘they are not protesting the Lepcha Language and I believe that they have nothing against us, it’s the state government they are protesting to, for they have their own part of problems with the government.’

Meanwhile the SDO, Radhika Aiyer briefed about the written exam, according to her information there were three venues that are Kurseong, Darjeeling and Kalimpong and out of 127 students 115 were present here.

 ‘Kalimpong had a large number of examinees where other two venues had 22 examinees each, the result of the written examination will be declared online on 23rd and an interview for the shortlisted ones is scheduled for 25th in Kalimpong’ said Aiyer.

All the officials like S.D.O Radhika Aiyer, Deputy Magistrate Deputy Collector Pritam Limboo, officer on special duty Barden Lepcha, Dorjee Lepcha from Indigenous Lepcha Tribal Association, Policies and C.R.P's were present in the school premises for the fortification.

Report by Mukesh Sharma

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