Nanita Gautam including 219 other rejoin Morcha

Nanita Gautam rejoins Morcha bimal gurung handover flag
In a first kind of Switching party program to GJMM was held at town hall Kalimpong. Kalimpong till now have witness TMC party program where mass number of GJMM leader and supporter joining TMC in early years but today program witness around 219 supporter of GNlF and TMC joining GJM. The program 'Ghar Wapasi'9 coming back to own party saw the pillar of ex GJM women Wing who joined TMC later Nanita Gautam coming back to GJM. She was warmly welcomed by GJM President Bimal Gurung and all the GJM members present today. TN Ghising ex Councillor of GNLF and presently TMC leader from Takling too joined GJM along with his supporter. Massive TMC workers joined from Pedong, tista, lopchu peshok, Munsong. TMC District Youth VP Yakin Lamichamey, Arpan Tamang of Labour wing of TMC were some important Faces today. Addressing Bimal Gurung today strictly told his party worker to treat properly all the new comers. He told we have to think why our supporter went to other party. He on the one hand attacked TMC party and other hand attacked TMC Led State Government. ' They come in the hills, Say good to people and when they reached Plains they talk about Divide and Rule Policy among Gorkhas" . He added that The Development board will remain until TMC Government but when it will go the Board will become just a signboard. He said the board should bring maximum money and do development work as it will develop our place but adding he said we must understand the policy of Divide and Rule to. Along with opposition he today slammed Kalimpong GJM Leader about their leadership Qualiy. He said Development work of GTA has been in full flow in Darjeeling, Kurseong and Mirik but in Kalimpong the work which has been started and sanction not a single work has been started due to leadership quality. He said the ego problem has been a stone in development work of Kalimpong.

Report by Mukesh Sharma

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