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Morcha youth wing posters for Gorkhaland

Morcha youth wing posters for Gorkhaland
While people have started their protest in order to acquire the separate state, Gorkhaland in Jantar Mantar, Delhi which will prolong till 17th March, youth wings of the Morcha here have resumed the agitation in the form of wall posters where the President of the youth mocha appeals the people to join the movement. K-town today around 2:30 pm observed a group of people affiliated to the youth wing of Morcha sticking many posters in different places of Kalimpong starting from Dambar Chowk which reads as, ‘Central government should confer Justice to the Gorkhas’ ‘Central Government must grant a different state, Gorkhaland’ ‘the contribution of Gorkhas in developing the country should not be forgotten’ etc. Speaking to the Journalists here, the president of the youth Morcha, Barud Thapa said, ‘everyone should come together and restart the agitation of Gorkhaland.’ Thapa’s context to restart the agitation was later sensed as a support to the Delhi’s protest.

Report by Mukesh Sharma

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