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Hills party questioning MP Ahluwalia absence in Delhi Dharna

Kishore Pradhan of CPRM Party
At a time when GJM party is on a 9 days Dharna program for Separate state at National Capital and on the other hand the youth front of GJM have started program in Hills at this juncture the absence of MP S. S. Ahluwalia has been a step for opposition party to attack both MP and GJM. Most of the Opposition party of hills unitedly supported Dr Mahendra P Lama for MP but the National Vice President of BJP S. S. Ahluwalia came out winner . The coming of NAMO and saying Gorkhas dream is mine dream also have sparked the controversy when no leader of the BJP and even the MP S. S. Ahluwalia have not utter a single word . Kishore Pradhan of CPRM Party today said that the ruling party in the hills collaboration with BJP during Loksabha election was a blunder which has been proved now when MP is not at all supporting the demand or even have not gone to Dharna place. He said the face of BJP and GJM seriousness about our demand has come in front of Mass. He said that the MP Should renders his resignation.
Meanwhile Pratap Khati of ABGL today said when GJM is not serious about our demand then why our MP. Until GJM take this seriously what is the need of MP to be serious. He said that Central leaders are in view that the GTA have solve the problems of Gorkhas which has been proved when our team has met Central leaders in the past . He said the GJM should reject GTA,

Report by Muesh Sharma

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