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Pawan Chamling to visit Darjeeling on Subash Ghisingh funeral

Pawan Chamling to visit Darjeeling on Subash Ghishing funeral
Sikkim chief minister Pawan Chamling will be arriving in Darjeeling to pay his last respect to his ‘friend’ and GNLF chief Subash Ghisingh who died on Thursday.
Mr Chamling is scheduled to reach the Dr Zakir Hussain Road residence of Mr Ghisingh in the morning after all the rituals are completed and before the cortege moves from his home, GNLF sources said today.
Mr Chamling yesterday expressed deep sorrow at the death of “a scholar, novelist and a great Gorkha leader.” “In him, I have lost a good friend,” the Sikkim CM said in a statement.
GNLF party leaders said the cortege will move around Darjeeling town before proceeding towards Manju village in Mirik, Mr ghisingh’s ancestral home, where the GNLF leader’s body will be cremated.
According to the party sources, the rituals in Darjeeling will be completed by 8.43 am tomorrow, and that the cremation will be held at Manju Park, near the GNLF leader’s house, at around 2.30 pm.
The cortege will halt at Sukhia Pokhari, Mirik, and Soureni for 10 minutes each for people to pay their last respect, before it reaches Manju. (sns)

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