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Nitin Gadkari says NH 55 to be Built in EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Mode

landslide damaged NH-55 near Tindharay
Residents of Tindharay and Ghayabari are elated to know that Nitin Gadkari, Union minister of Road Transport, Highways and Shipping, has responded to the letter sent by Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia seeking urgent action on the landslide damaged NH-55 near Tindharay. The road has remained closed for almost four years now after the massive September 2011 landslide. Repair work is yet to start while the tender for the project had to be terminated after the winning firm failed to start work within the stipulated time.

The minister has said his department has found that the estimate for the restoration work was approved in 2013, but nothing worthwhile has been done so far. Explaining the reason for the delay, Gadkari said the damage to the road has worsened since due to the monsoon prompting the state PWD to submit a revised estimate. “The revised estimate has been examined and it was noted that the cost of the project has increased by more than twofold leading to contractual complications,” said the letter.

The minister further said that in view of the complications, his ministry, in consultation with the state PWD, has decided to foreclose all ongoing work and award what is remaining on EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Mode to ensure the work gets completed on time. “The ministry is in the process of getting the modified proposal prepared for awarding the work on EPC Mode. The consultant working for improvement works of NH-55 has been directed to expedite the preparations for the modified proposals so that restoration work can be awarded as early as possible,” said Gadkari. (HS)

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