Bimal Gurung assured 1.5 crore for Pedong fire victims

Bimal Gurung assured 1.5 crore for Pedong fire victims
GTA Chief, Bimal Gurung assured 1.5 crore from the GTA fund for Pedong fire victims, and as an instant relief he personally provided 10,000 each to the fire victims whose properties were fully damaged, 10 approximate houses received the amount where 5000 rupees were handed over to the ones with partial damages, 25-35 approximate houses received the amount.
After reaching Kalimpong at midnight, the GTA chief proclaimed to visit the fire victims early in the morning. While reaching Pedong he expressed his sadness on the lurid night of Tuesday, addressing the victims about their loss he apologetically said, ‘GTA will release 1.5 crore for the immediate construction compensating the damaged property, a proper construction has to be done here, the engineers will look after it.’

It was also known that the elected members of GTA will take care of the relief work. However Gurung added that he has approached the executive directors of GTA to imply an assortment of schemes for relief to the fire victims. He also said, ‘I will appeal the state and the central government to grant aids to the fatalities’

The basic requirements like food and blankets were distributed to the people.

Report by Mukesh Sharma

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