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Subash Ghisingh likely to return siliguri from Delhi in March

Subash Ghisingh
The founder and chief of the Gorkha National Liberation Front  (GNLF), Subash Ghisingh, is likely to return to Siliguri either in the last week of February or the first week of March, the advent of the summer season in the region.
The former Darjeeling strongman who spearheaded a bloody agitation for a separate state of Gorkhaland in the Hills is in Haryana for the past over two weeks, taking complete rest and still fighting his old-age illnesses.GNLF sources here said that Mr Ghisingh was taken to Haryana from Delhi where he underwent treatment in a hospital. They added that the GNLF supremo will remain in a rented house in the state for another at least 15 days, as “he is still recuperating.”
The sources also said that Mr Ghisingh will first arrive in Siliguri where the climate is warmer than the Hills, and that his aides are looking for a place on rent around Uttarayan township area near Darjeeling More.
“He is likely to stay there (Siliguri) until the winter season finally gets over and then move to Darjeeling,” a party source said.“His heath is almost perfect right now, and his followers are visiting him regularly in Haryana to enquire about his health,”sources said
They added that he could, however, go to Delhi again in between as he has appointments with his doctors there.(sns)

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