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Pranesh Rai's full album 'Senteram' released

Senteram singer Pranesh Rai - Remanti Rai, the winner of North East ke superstar
Senteram singer Pranesh Rai released his full nepali music album " Senteram ".

In a sideline of Rai’s yeledung festival, Senteram, the popular song that made everyone hum and tap their feet in every wedding to picnic since July 2014, was officially released amidst the lasting applauses by thousands of people present in Mela Ground.
The young lad of 20, Pranesh Rai, feels that, coming to limelight after an enduring struggle is like reaching the first milestone of acquiring fame. Wrapping the statement, Rai said, ‘any singer would love to be famous, singing wholeheartedly is first part and being notable is the other part of the story.’

However Remanti Rai, the winner of North East ke superstar, which is a talent based T.V show launched by North East Council for eight North Eastern States for promoting talents of N.E, unveiled the disc of the album senteram along with Rai.

It was informed that the album consists of 5 songs placing Senteram as the lead number, which was recorded by Kiran Chettri in Ledgerline studio here. The music was arranged by Neelam Moktan and was composed by Ajay Rai and Ujjwal Bomzon.

Talking to the journalists, Ajay Rai the composer of the album said that the title song senteram is not to promote any type of intoxicants, ‘the album is not in a motive to publicize any liquor, all we are trying is to reflect the problems which our society is facing today, we are just trying to portray the social issue’ said Rai.

Meanwhile the little singer’s voice has conquered many hearts and people have already illustrated their admiration to the lyrics and the quality of the voice by replaying the song far and wide, all over the map till USA. ‘I was delighted when Nepalese in America ordered my music, they showed great interest in senteram,’ said Pranesh Rai.

Acknowledging his music teachers and well wishers, Rai said, ‘I am very appreciative to Ragayshree (his music institute) and my music teacher Yogendra Ghatanay along with my mentors Ajay Rai and Ujjwal Bomzon for molding me musically.’ He also expressed his appreciations to all the listeners who demands to listen and replay senteram.

Report: Mukesh Sharma

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