Maghey - Makar Sankranti or Tarul Day in Darjeeling

Maghey - Makar Sankranti or Tarul Day in Darjeeling
People in Darjeeling celebrated Maghey Sankranti - Makar Sankranti or the Tarul Day in their own manner.
People in the mountains consume roots and shoots from the wild on Maghey Sakranti in honor of mother Nature who has provided us bounties from the wild that have sustained us for generations.

- Ghar Tarul
- Ban Tarul
- Kusume Tarul
- Sakkar khanda
- Simal Tarul
- Fultarul
- Iskus ko jara
- Pindalu

What other varieties of tarul do you know?

According to a popular legend associated with Maghey Sakranti, when Lord Ram and Sita Mata and Lord Laxman were in banbas, it was the roots and shoots - kandamul-falful that had sustained them, so since then once a year, people in the hills consume कन्दमुल फलफुल on Maghey Sakranti to honour their epic sacrifice.

Today the Sun is believed to reach the furthest point in southern hemisphere and starts to raise towards the north, hence legend says that Maghey Sakranti marks the renewal or rebirth of life in the northern parts of the world. Especially in the mountains where sun would be very feeble and weak in winter (of course that is during the pre-Global Warming days), the sun is supposed to pick up heat from today, and start becoming warm again. Hence Maghey Sakranti marked the day when farmers started to dig weed from their fields again.

What ever be the actual cause, here in the mountains we just need a reason to celebrate... and celebrate we shall...

Ours is indeed a very nature oriented culture - Let us preserve our unique traditional festivals!!

Via The Darjeeling Chronicle

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