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Darjeeling Sikkim singer rock Kripa Unplugged season 1 in Nepal

Darjeeling Sikkim singer rock Kripa Unplugged season 1 in Nepal
Man yearns to make possible the seemingly impossible even in the face of failures.
Such is the story of six talented youths from North Bengal and Sikkim who have rocked Nepal through their melodious songs recently aired in Nepal’s popular television show Kripa Unplugged season 1.
The six songs of Vaani Band members performed recently in Nepal have made Sikkim and Darjeeling proud. ‘A Buda Ba Yo Ta Mero Samay Ho’ song composed and sung by band member and vocalist Pushpan Pradhan has become the most popular number in Nepal now-a-days.
The six youths have carved a niche for themselves in the Kathmandu music landscape and are a regular fixture in Nepal’s live music scene. With a patriotic, pop, folk and comedy songs thier band have been prolific, touring and have formed a band called ‘VAANI’.
Along with Pushpan the other band members consist of Uttam Gautam (Lead Guitarist), Kiran Rai (Flutist), Suman Pappu Lepcha (Rhythm Gutarist), Naren Bardewa (Drummer) and Amir Lepcha (Leather instruments). Naren is from Gangtok while others are from different areas of North Bengal.
“People have started liking our songs,” guitarist Uttam Gautam had said after the hit song ‘Dhindhina’ in 2012 during the Kripa unplugged season 1. ‘Dhindhina’ also won Image Award in Nepal.
Recently the members performed six songs ‘A Buda Ba’, ‘Babu ko Junga’, ‘Yatri’, ‘Bachan Bho’, ‘Cover song’ all composed by Puspan and his friends became hit numbers.
According to Pushpan their aim was not only to earn money by producing songs but also to make change the community, society and a nation as a whole through their meaningful songs. He said that they are planning to contribute some percentage of their earned money for orphanage.(EOIC)

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