Darjeeling Press Guild photography workshop on 13 dec

Darjeeling Press GuildThe Darjeeling Press Guild comprising representatives of various print and electronic media houses will be hosting a day’s workshop on photography in Darjeeling town. The objective is to provide technical knowhow and guidance to the guild’s photo-journalist members of the hills.

The workshop will be held on December 13 for which Kolkata-based professional photographer Vivek Prasad has been roped in to conduct the event. DPG general secretary Pranab Chhetri said, “The idea behind the workshop is to provide members technical knowledge and awareness about photography. We realised there is an urgent need to remain updated with our work that includes clicking photographs.

The workshop will focus more on the technical aspects of photography.”

The DPG feels that organising such workshops would help photo-journalists to understand better the equipment they use. “We just take news-related photographs and many of us are not aware of the technical aspects of photography, which is the most important. We believe the workshop will help hone the participants’ skills,” said Chhetri.

Prasad actually hails from Darjeeling, and is currently working with Nikon-India as a mentor for Nikon School. Conducting basic and advance workshops for the company is part of his job. Talking to reporters here, he said, “We must look at photography as a hobby and art. It is difficult to teach someone how to be a photographer as the talent is inborn. But yes, one can always be mentored on how to take photographs in a professional way.”

Deeply interested in photography, Prasad moved to Kolkata to pursue his passion after finishing school here in Darjeeling. He completed a diploma in digital photography and dark room technique from the National Academy of Photography under the expert guidance  of prominent photo artist Madhu Sarkar. Prasad’s work has been exhibited in the US, Ireland, Malaysia, Taiwan and Sweden. His work was selected last year by the State Lalit-Kala Academy, Uttar Pradesh and they are a regular feature at Nandan in Kolkata.

Prasad has deep interest in landscapes, portraits, and documentation. “Photography is an addiction that cannot be classified into segments. But I do have preferences. I am looking forward to the workshop to interact with the press people and share my knowledge,” he said. (EOIC)

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