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Christmas celebration in Darjeeling

Christmas celebration in Darjeeling Glenarys
Christmas was celebrated with exuberance in the tiny town, Darjeeling, with the carol “We wish you a merry Christmas,” being sung everywhere.
The spirit of the festival was hard to miss as restaurants and shops were decorated beautifully with Christmas trees, stars and glitters.   Today, churches in Darjeeling remained busy with the ceremonies. 
Charmed with  the beauty of Darjeeling during Christmas, tourists from all over the world come here during this time. They enjoy like  rope-way, rock climbing to the most.
“I am visiting Darjeeling after 10 years only to be here on the day of Christmas. Christmas here is special as the weather adds on to the ambience of the festival.” said Jayashree Paul, a tourist.   Another tourist said: “I wanted to celebrate Christmas in Darjeeling, as I enjoy the biting cold here but surprisingly it was quiet sunny today. However, we saw an amazing sunrise from the Tiger hill.”
The celebration of Christmas is incomplete without mouthwatering cakes, pastries and other sweet delicacies. Bakeries and confectionery shops were throng with people of all age. Christmas sets the mood for New Year celebrations so, for some the party begins today which ends at the arrival of the new year. (sns)

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