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St. Joseph's College Sociology Department stands up for Red Bank tea estate

St. Joseph's College Sociology Department stands up for Red Bank tea estate
On Children’s Day 2014, people throughout the nation were engaged in performing variety of noble tasks like organising festivities for our beloved children, participating in the cleanliness drive campaigns, remembering and redeeming the envisioned pledges of our Late Prime Minister Shri Jawaharlal Nehru and so forth.

On the same occasion the second year Honours students of Sociology Department, St. Joseph’s College Darjeeling stood up in consensus and decided to help the people who are in dire crisis and need our help the most.

These students have come forward to help the friends in extreme need in the closed tea estate of Red Bank Jalpaiguri.

They have set up open booths to collect funds in Chowrasta and in front of Bata Chowk Bazar. Their booths will be opened till 17th November’14.

Anybody willing to help our friends in the closed tea estate of the terai can donate any amount of money as per their wish. All the collected funds will be used to support the livelihood of our friends in the closed tea estate.

The students will be visiting the affected inhabitants of that tea garden on 19th November 2014. These students are here with a generous call on all the members of our society to kindly come forward and support them to help our friends in dire need.

The students are very much thankful to all the supporters, College Administration and Darjeeling Municipality for providing all the required assistance and guidance to promote this fund-raising event.


[Pic and report: Animesh Rai]

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