Sandakphu, Phalut Tonglu witnesses season’s first snowfall

Sandakphu, Phalut Tonglu witnesses season’s first snowfall
As always, come winter time, and Darjeeling sees less of the sunshine and witnesses more of the biting cold.
While Sandakphu, Phalut and Tonglu on the outskirts of the town witnessed the first snowfall of the season today, it rained slightly in Darjeeling.
According to Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) tourism secretary Sonam Bhutia, the weather condition here was “bad” today.
Mr Bhutia said that it snowed in Sandakphu today and that it was the “first snow of this season in the area, and a delight for tourists” flocking in from far and wide.
“Too cold,” was a remark made by Yasmin Subba, a resident of Darjeeling, when asked about the weather conditions.
“This winter seems to be colder than last year’s,” said another resident.
The chill in the air is growing, and the use of heaters and fireplaces has already started in government offices as well as individual houses.
Warm woolen clothes, sipping a hot cuppa, playing games like the chungi and macha-kara, and badminton to warm up the body are a few remedies for the extreme cold that has gripped Darjeeling right now.
Fashion stores in the town are also flooded with the latest designer winter boots, jackets, gloves, mufflers and many more essentials for the long cold winter that lies ahead.(sns)

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