Kalimpong sub divisional hospital starts free treatments to everyone

Kalimpong sub divisional hospital starts free treatments to everyone
Understanding the issues of the people living below the poverty line (BPL) the health and service department of West Bengal government has ordered for free treatment to everyone including the people living above the poverty level henceforth. (APL)

The SDMO, Dr. D. Sonam informed the medias that the hospital services will be free including the charges of X-Ray, Blood Test, ECG, USG, operations etc,. According to the information received from the hospital authority, the APL families were charged with the minimum government rates for their treatment and the fund rose from the APL patients were used to buy the prescribed medicines of the unaffordable ones.

The knowledge of the amount patients paid for operations before is the minimum of 150 for minor operations and 300-500 for major ones.

Explaining the systematic delay of the wealth which government sends, Dr. Sonam said, “Sometimes the chemical for blood test is urgently required or we face a shortage of X-ray films, those are the times we use the fund collected from the APL patients.” He also insinuates the process of the government fund and its delay in emergency situations by expressing the outcome of the delayed fund and the necessity to use the collected amount.

Report by Mukesh Sharma, Kalimpong

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