GNLF leadership decides not to demand Ghisingh presence in public meetings

GNLF leadership decides not to demand Ghisingh presence in public meetings
In an important development, the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) has decided to go ahead with its political demands, even though the party’s chief, Subash Ghisingh, who is suffering from old-age related health problems, is away.
Talking to reporters here, the GNLF Kurseong branch spokesperson, Daya Dewan, today said that several other parties and organisations are taking advantage of the fact that Mr Ghisingh is no longer active in politics, given his health problems.
“There is a feeling among the people and GNLF supporters that Mr Ghisingh is not speaking out or keeping himself active politically,” he said.
“Several efforts are being made by political organizations to mislead GNLF supporters.  The party leadership has now decided not to demand their chief’s presence in public meetings or that he should speak a word on their demand,” Mr Dewan added. According to him, party leaders have now decided to go ahead with their political issues and activities. “But we will always be following his ideologues and take forward the various demands that he has been making,” Mr Dewan said.
The GNLF said it will summon all its members in the three sub divisions in Darjeeling Hills and organize a “huge” public meeting on 16 November at Sumeru Manch in Darjeeling.Mr Dewan further said that Mr Ghisingh is “doing fine” and that he will be discharged from a hospital in Delhi soon.
“He will stay in Siliguri after his return from Delhi, from where he will continue with his political programmes,” he said.
The GNLF also demanded the arrest of the mastermind behind the Assam arms and ammunition haul case. Mr Dewan said the matter is “unfortunate” as it has only brought disrepute to the Gorkha community.

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