Darjeeling Hill politicians opposes anti Gorkhaland statement made by Gautam Deb

Binoy Tamang - Pratap Khati - Govind Chettri - Enos das pradhan
Darjeeling Hill politicians opposes anti Gorkhaland statement made by Gautam Deb - Proving the adage ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ wrong, hill politicians have spurned the advances by TMC to unite the opposition forces to take a stand against Gorkhaland, instead almost all the Hill politicians have united to oppose the statement made by Gautam Deb against Gorkhaland statehood.

You read it right... Yes!! Our politicians opposed anti-Gorkhaland statement with ONE VOICE.

Recently TMC leader and north-Bengal Development Minister Gautam Deb had said that TMC will oppose the division of Bengal (read formation of Gorkhaland) tooth and nail and will agitate against any such move in both plains and the hills. He had then asked the current opposition in the region to unite against communal (read BJP) and separatist (read GJM) forces.

Taking strong exception to the statement opposition leader Dr. Enos Das Pradhan said, “you know who used to talk like that? Laloo... he used to say that Bihar will only be divided over his dead body... he is still alive and Jharkhand has been formed.... I am confident that Gautam Deb will be alive to see Gorkhaland being formed”

However he said, “It is sad that our demand has not been taken up seriously by the Centre as those in power have sold out to various lures... Gorkhaland will be definitely formed, but for that to happen, everyone needs to be sincere and not sell out... we are divided amongst ourselves... and for Gorkhaland to be formed we must all stand together... we need political maturity to attain Gorkhaland, and that will come when all of us work together as a team.”

Condemning Gautam Deb’s statement, GJM Central Committee Member Benoy Tamang said, “there is no force that is mightier and more powerful than the Constitution of India... not Gautam Deb, nor Mamata”

Invoking Laloo and Jharkhand story even he said, “We have being updating and appraising the Central Government on the need to form Gorkhaland state soon, and finally we are getting positive vibes... Gorkhaland will be formed... and just how Laloo is alive after the formation of Jharkhand, both Gautam Deb and Mamata will be alive.”

Taking a jibe at the recent RTI by the opposition to ascertain the assurance given by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh to the visiting GJM delegation, Mr Benoy Tamang said, “it is a matter of great shame that when the entire TMC politicians united against Gorkhaland during our recent Delhi visit, not even 1 member of opposition from the Darjeeling region went to Delhi to raise their voice for Gorkhaland”

He further added, “It is TMCs right to protest against the formation of Gorkhaland... constant criticism based on suspicion breeds cynicism, it does not help anyone... it only shows political immaturity on their part Opposition can play a positive role by taking up the Gorkhaland issue with the Centre instead of questioning each and every move we make...”

Speaking against Gautam Deb’s statement, Mr. Pratap Khati of Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League said, “the demand for Gorkhaland is a legal and valid demand under the aegis of the Indian Constitution.... From each and every aspect, historical, geographical, cultural and traditional we are different than Bengal... the Constitution will prevail... those who oppose Gorkhaland are not just anti-Gorkhaland but anti-Nationals.”

Echoing similar sentiments, CPRM leader Govind Chettri said, “we are not asking for Gorkhaland from Gautam Deb or Mamata, we are demanding Gorkhaland based on our constitutional rights.... and our Constitution clearly states that any large state can be divided and smaller states can be united to form a new state... I challenge Ms. Mamata Banerjee and TMC to try and redact the provisions made by our founding fathers in our constitution....”

Speaking on the development, eminent hill based political observer, Upendra says, “it is well known that people in the plains have been opposed to Gorkhaland statehood in the past, but gradually even they have started to realize that if Gorkhaland is formed then they will be equally benefited from it.”

Moreover he added, ”Right now TMC is in a very precarious position... I have come to learn from reliable sources with the Hill TMC establishment that current Hill TMC leaders are in a fix, as most of them are opposed to GJM and not Gorkhaland... If TMC decides to actively oppose Gorkhaland demand in Darjeeling, Terai and Plains than those TMC supporters who joined TMC to oppose GJM may actually QUIT TMC altogether. In fact with KPP, JMM (Dooars), BJP and a large section of fence sitters supporting Gorkhaland statehood in the plains, the move to oppose the formation of Gorkhaland may actually backfire on TMC.”

Appealing for unity amongst all those supporting Gorkhaland, he said, “Every political party, in fact every individual should try and convince whoever they can on the need to form Gorkhaland... even if each individual can convince another individual, it will matter a lot... lets us all strive to do the best we can for Gorkhaland in our own capacity...”

Only time will tell if a strong opposition from TMC against Gorkhaland will actually be able to forge unity amongst the Gorkhali politicos, which has been missing for decades now.
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