Children’s Day in Darjeeling

Children’s Day in Darjeeling
Darjeeling-based social organisations Hayden Hall and A-1 Educational Welfare Society on Friday observed Children’s Day by holding a games and dance prorgamme for children.

The programme was coordinated in three different places -

Chowrastha, Shruberry Park and the Red Cross Children’s Park. Students of eight primary schools had been invited to participate in the programme.

“We hosted the programme to make the kids feel that going to school is beneficial. Nowadays many children opt out or are not sent to schools. This is more frequent in government schools and this is why we invited only children of primary schools. The response was encouraging,” said Bharat Chhetri, general secretary of A-1 Educational Welfare Society.

The youngsters appeared a happy lot as they went about performing and interacting with their peers. “I am very happy to be part of all this as I made new friends today. I want to become a sportsperson when I grow up,” said Trishila Rai, who participated in the short distance run. There were no prizes for the winners but everyone received sweets and snacks.

The Edith Wilken’s Street Children Trust Fund, an NGO working to put an end to atrocities against minors, put up stickers against child labor across town to raise awareness among the public. (EOIC)

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