RTA to stop two-stroke autos in Siliguri from march 2015

RTA to stop two-stroke autos in Siliguri from march 2015
The Darjeeling district Regional Transport Authority (RTA) plans to set March 2015 as the cut-off date to stop plying of two-stroke autos in Siliguri.
The objective of such a decision is to avoid massive pollution in the town and to introduce maxi-cabs, RTA sources said. According to them, automobile companies have stopped production of such autos.
“Though there is a technical problem in replacing the three wheelers by the four wheelers, we are determined to introduce the maxi-cabs as soon as possible. Authorities will not allow a single two-stroke auto in Siliguri after March 2015,” RTA sources said.
Sources said many autos do not deserve to claim fitness certificates from the transport department and they are ferrying passengers in Siliguri without the certificates.
Many unfit autos are being sold off at higher price and a section of the
people is buying them by
paying more than Rs 4 to 5 lakh each.
“Auto owners have allegedly been claiming abnormal fares from passengers after the state government increased the fares for buses. Auto owners cannot claim or hike the fares just because the bus fares have gone up. After the pujas, the transport department will launch a special drive to curb the high-handedness of auto drivers,” Vice-chairman of the RTA, Madan Bhattacharya, said.
He added that the administration will also not allow unauthorised auto parking in front of the Siliguri Court More after the pujas.
“Bagrakote will be the authorised parking area for the vehicles,” he said.
The transport authorities in Siliguri have taken action against 50 auto owners, who actively participated in a transport strike a few days ago. (sns)

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