NBSTC two new buses for Pedong and Bindu

NBSTC two new buses for Pedong and BinduThe NBSTC (North Bengal Transport Corporation) Kalimpong bus depot has started the service of two new buses to ply in new routs of Bindu and Pedong from yesterday. Denoting various problems related to shortage of conductors and drivers in the first week of August the worry of the members of NBSTC has ultimately stopped after the C.M inaugurated 28 new buses in the hills on the 3rd of September 2014. The two new buses will now mount in the route of Bindu attending the milestone of Jholung from Kalimpong around 2:00 pm and will return from Bindu the next morning. Another bus from pedong will commute to siliguri with a brief stop in Kalimpong town around 7:00 in the morning. Considering the problems of the public the depot in-charge Sachin Khati said “we have started these services to curtail the problems which people were constantly facing.” Apart from these services, six buses from N.J.P and Tenzing Norgay bus terminal under Siliguri bus depot are in a daily commute to Kalimpong. Sachin Khati referring to the earlier problems of NBSTC said that the bus depot was in a verge of shutting down before they put the problems in the notice of the authorities in NBSTC headquarter, Coochbihar. “The drivers and conductors were slowly appointed and now our problems has resolved” said Khati. However six buses are plying in different routes from Kalimpong and the inconveniences are less with the ample number of workers in the depot, (15 conductors and 11 drivers).

Report by Mukesh Sharma

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