Mahendra P Lama for central government schemes for Darjeeling people

popular academician and DDUDF chief, Mahendra P Lama
The Darjeeling Dooars United Development Foundation (DDUDF) today said that the Darjeeling Hill authority and the masses must be more active so that they can reap maximum benefits from central government schemes.
Talking to reporters here, popular academician and DDUDF chief, Mahendra P Lama, said that besides many other things, the DDUDF has also been working to bring the various central schemes and projects to Darjeeling and the Dooars region.
“Accordingly, a Railway Innovative Incubation Centre will be brought here in Darjeeling Hills soon,” he said.
He added that they are working on issues which are aided by the central government and as soon as the railway ministry talked about such a centre, the DDUDF sprang into action. The centre is likely to be functional by December.
“Innovative means getting new ideas, while incubate means to take the scheme forward by nurturing the idea,” he said, adding that such a centre to be developed by the railway ministry has already been implemented by some other countries, and that it will
be the first one in our country.
“The most important thing to do is to bring foreign investment in the region if it is to be developed, and hence, whether it is the state government or the local administration, they must also try to woo foreign investors in the region,” Mr Lama said.
He said the food security act must also be implemented for the poor people of the region. “In the country, only some states have benefited from the act, and the government has now extended the deadline to bring in more states under the act,” he said.

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