Finger at Tamang Development and Cultural Board chief - Lack of transparency charge

Tamang development board general council member Sanyog Tamang
Darjeeling, Oct. 16: A member of the Tamang Development and Cultural Board’s general council has alleged lack of transparency in the functioning of chairperson Sanjay Moktan, whose appointment was announced by Mamata Banerjee at a public meeting here.
Today, general council member Sanyog Tamang, called a news conference at his house here and said they did not know that a fixed deposit account had been opened in a bank in the name of the board. He alleged that some members of Tamang community were collecting subscriptions in the name of the board.
“Since the formation of the board, the chairperson, Sanjay Moktan is working in a non-transparent manner. Not a single meeting of the general council of the TDCB has been called till date. The general council members do not know who proposed and decided to open a bank account for the board,” said Sanyog , the son of ABGL leader Madan Tamang who was murdered here in 2010. “I have heard from reliable sources that the board has made a fixed deposit of Rs 5 crore for a period of three months. The general council has not been informed about the decision,” Sanyog said.
Mamata Banerjee had announced the Tamang Development and Cultural Board earlier this year at a public meeting and she had said Moktan would be its chairperson.
The board was formed on July 16, 2014 and it has been granted Rs 5 crore to build houses for community members.
“We have heard that the board has already started distributing houses but the general council is not aware of the development. We have also heard that the board has employed 10 staff members but we are not aware where the office is located,” Sanyog said.
He also alleged that Rs 200 was being collected by a section of people from the community from each person to avail himself of the facilities. “The board is for all the members of the Tamang community. Why should anyone pay subscription for its facilities?”
Sanyog added that Moktan was using a car with a nameplate of the Tamang board for personal use. “He is moving around in a vehicle carrying a nameplate of the board. It is being used for school duty (for family members) and shopping,” said the member.
The general council of the board has 14 members (apart from three ex-officio members) and Sanyog said at least seven of them were not happy with chairperson Moktan. “In the coming days, we will decide our course of action.”
The board also has a 10-member executive committee of which Sanyog is not a member.
Moktan refuted all allegations. “The decision to open a bank account and start the process of identifying houses to be built were taken by the executive council which held a meeting on September 26.”
Asked about the Rs 5 crore fixed deposit in the name of the board, Moktan said: “We cannot disclose certain decisions taken by the executive council. The onus to prove the allegations lies with the person who raised the allegation.”
Moktan said the government had not yet given him an official vehicle. “We do not have an office at the moment and we have written to the government for staff members. We are operating from an office of the Tamang Youth Association (a community-based social organisation). The board was registered a month ago and we are in the initial stage.”
Moktan also denied the allegation of people collecting subscription and said the board has decided to call a meeting on October 22. Sanyog said the meeting was being called as Moktan had got to know that others were dissatisfied.

Source: the telegraph

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