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Subhash Ghising returns Darjeeling via Mirik, soon to hold central committee meeting

Subhash Ghising returns Darjeeling via Mirik
The Gorkha National Liberation Front supremo Subhash Ghising today returned to the Hills via Mirik after his treatment. The GNLF central committee member Purna Tamang informed that since Ghising has recovered and returned to the Hills, the party’s central committee will soon conduct a meeting to take ahead the parties activities. ‘
Tamang informed the various weekly activities including rallies and dharnas being conducted by the GNLF since the past few week will end this Sunday, while the party’s next activities will be decided in the meeting. The current activities were being conducted by the party’s zonal and ward committees, but the next campaign will be conducted by the central committee, he added.
On being asked about the reaction from the state and the central government on the activities done by the GNLF, Tamang said the main aim was to demand for the implement the Sixth Schedule until the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council is reinstated in the hills. “The reaction from the state and the central government has been positive as our demand is for the reintroduction of a constitutionally accredited council,” he stated.
Tamang claimed the GNLF is gaining lost grounds in the Hills and is the only party that can bring real development. “There are no other parties in the hills which can fulfil the dream of Gorkhaland. Therefore, it is important the people of the Hills unite together under our banner to realise the dream,” he added.  (EOIC)

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